Services Offered

Dr. Robert Powitzky is a licensed psychologist who provides expert clinical/forensic psychology services and consultation/testimony concerning standards of care for correctional mental health services, general correctional practices, and conditions of confinement.


  • Forensic psychological services and expert testimony
  • Consultation in the provision of mental health services in the criminal justice and juvenile justice settings. Specific focus areas include:
    • Psychological autopsy (psychological investigation of equivocal death or suicide)
    • Suicide prevention
    • Self-injurious behavior, prevention and management
    • Mental health services in correctional and criminal justice settings
    • Mental health services to juvenile correctional facilities
    • Conditions of confinement and hospitalization
    • Solitary confinement
    • Workplace violence prevention and crisis management and response
    • Architectural design of psychiatric and secure psychiatric buildings
    • Risk assessment and prevention of violent behavior
    • Administration of public mental health and criminal justice services
    • Trauma Informed Care
    • Trauma specific assessment and treatment
    • Co-occurring treatment
  • Expert testimony on civil and criminal matters
  • Consultation in workplace and community violence prevention programs

Dr. Robert J. Powitzky

(405) 245-5715

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